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Support the Jodi House, Brain Injury Support Center

Jodi_HouseBroad Street Smiles is proud to sponsor Danielle Sims in the very first Santa Barbara Walk for Brain Injury this year and we encourage everyone to offer their support! Here is Danielle’s story: “Just over a month ago, a good friend of mine was admitted to the Santa Barbara Intensive Care Unit after a prolonged toothache started causing unbearable pain. Within just hours, the doctors began emergency surgery on what they discovered to be a viral infection that had spread down his throat and into his brain from a cracked tooth that was infected for over 8 months. He didn’t seek medical attention because he did not have health insurance, and besides…it’s just a toothache, right? Wrong. Following surgery, he was in a coma for numerous weeks, unable to breathe and function without medical equipment. During this time, his brain activity reported over 30 sets of minute seizures. Just last week, his body began to function properly, they took the breathing tubes out, and they even got him up walking once or twice! Although we aren’t sure how well he will recover, we’re just so glad that he is still alive. It’s a true miracle, and a shocking reminder that you never know what each new day will bring – whether it’s you, a friend, a family member, or an acquaintance. Somewhat as a result, I decided to join the Jodi House, Brain Injury Support Center, in their fundraising efforts towards the aid and support of brain injury survivors. Please help by donating towards my fundraising goal, which you can find through the first link below. Anything will truly help, whether it is $5 or $50, I know it will go towards an extraordinary cause. The donation only takes about 3 minutes online, but if you prefer, feel free to bring cash or a check by my office and I will forward you the contribution receipt. Don’t forget…it’s tax deductible!
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