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Here you will find the before and after pictures of some of our patients. Expert aesthetic dentistry is a blend of skill, technique and artistry. With Dr. Fitch’s experience, advanced training, artistry and with your help and input, Dr. Fitch can create that irresistible smile that inspires confidence. Together, you decide the shape, color, and size of your teeth to create an award-winning smile that looks so natural no one would doubt they were your natural teeth. We always take into consideration what makes you unique – your personality, your gender, your height, and your own particular coloration.


If you are unhappy with any aspect of your smile, the answer is aesthetic dentistry. From a small chip in a tooth to a complete smile makeover, any imperfection can be perfected. Even the smallest change can have a dramatic impact on your smile . . . and on your self. An enhanced smile can turn back time, erasing years from your appearance. A new smile can bolster your confidence, rejuvenate your self-esteem and help you feel wonderful.


My teeth aren’t real and I’m only seventeen years old. No, they’re not dentures; they are veneers. The reason I have veneers at seventeen is that my teeth are a dark yellow color. You may not think that this would be something to overcome but it is a lot harder to deal with than people realize. People judged me because of it. The first day in pre-kindergarten, a kid came up to me and asked, “Don’t you ever brush your teeth?” Every day kids would ask me why my teeth were so yellow. We tried everything from bleaching to whitening products but nothing worked. Then, in my junior year of high school, my luck started to change. My parents took me to see Dr. Fitch who told me he would like to put veneers in my mouth. Usually this process doesn’t take very long, but in my case they had to readjust my bite so that my jaw was comfortable. My friends and family have always thought that I had no problem meeting new people, but they were wrong. Since I have had this work done, I am more confident and have absolutely no problem talking to and meeting new people. I don’t have to worry about people looking at me funny; in fact, people sometimes say that I have a really nice smile.



Since I was in 5th grade, I’ve had issues with my teeth. The two teeth next to my front teeth were abnormally small and I hated the way they looked. I had bonding done by another dentist, but I didn’t care for the outcome; the two teeth still looked too small. I knew I needed something different and more permanent. I went to Dr. Fitch and he recommended I have veneers placed. I thought veneers were for people that were missing teeth all together – I sure was wrong! Dr. Fitch gave me four veneers and the change is amazing. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having this cosmetic procedure gave me more confidence than I could have ever imagined. I now get so many compliments on my teeth. I had the procedure done before my senior year of high school. When I got my senior pictures, I was so impressed with how much better my smile looked. I don’t think I have ever been so happy with pictures I have taken. Dr. Fitch and his team created a very comfortable environment for me before and during the procedure. You can trust him to do wonders to your smile!



I was an embarrassment to my wife’s profession – my midline was off, I had a cross bite, one of my teeth was lingually inverted and I had a gummy smile. In spite of all that, I wasn’t really concerned about my teeth until my wife pointed it out. I also had every TMJ symptom in the book. When I came to see Dr. Fitch, he told me that I could get relief if we adjusted my bite.We decided to do orthodontics and gingival recontouring to raise my gum line. Dr. Fitch also placed a three-unit bridge and veneer on centrals and laterals to help with the appearance of my teeth and my bite. Now I feel great – I smile bigger – my whole face has changed!


I had old crowns and bridgework – my teeth were starting to look tired – and I was definitely loosing confidence. My pediatrician recommended Dr. Fitch, and at my very first visit, I realized that he was excellent. I have total confidence in Dr. Fitch – in his integrity and sincerity, total confidence in his skills. Dr. Fitch reworked my entire upper arch with crowns and veneers and it’s made all the difference in my confidence and my smile. People will ask me “Did you change your hair, or is that a new outfit?” At most, they think I’ve whitened my teeth. No one would ever guess that I’ve had this work done, which is exactly how it’s supposed to be.



I wanted dental health, and I wanted to look good and feel good. I paid a fortune to have my five kids’ teeth done and it was my turn. My wife was referred to Dr. Fitch, and I followed her – I wanted to get the job done right. I saw photos on the wall of his work, and I got to know his background and learned about his advanced training. This is a great place. Everyone is very nice, very professional, very well trained and organized. Everyone is caring, very people sensitive. I had a full mouth reconstruction and implants and I never have to worry about my smile! In fact, I think some people really like my smile. It’s something that certainly doesn’t hurt your confidence!



My teeth were different colors, chipped, and really didn’t look good. I grew up in Russia where the dentistry wasn’t as good, so by the time I was 17, I had 6 or 7 root canals, and when I came to see Dr. Fitch, I had cavities in almost every tooth. I just wanted to hide my smile.I was referred to Dr. Fitch when I moved here from LA. I have pretty good instincts and intuition; I just knew he would do a good job. He’s a perfectionist and he clearly enjoys what he’s doing, jokes around, and has fun with his patients. I had a full mouth restoration and it has made a great difference. My family says I smile more, and I finally like how I look!



I broke my bridge, and I didn’t like the dentist I had. I also had neuromuscular pain. My mouth and neck would ache when I had to keep my mouth open for dental work. A friend recommended Dr. Fitch – I respect my friend and her opinion meant a lot to me. Once I saw Dr. Fitch’s training and credentials, I felt even more at ease. Dr. Fitch performed a full mouth reconstruction. All during my procedures, he worked with me, explained things to both my husband and to me. The fact that his team is so competent made me feel comfortable as well. My smile makes me happy. I really feel good about myself!



I am congenitally missing two teeth so I was referred to Dr. Fitch by my orthodontist. This team is good – I love all the people who work for Dr. Fitch. They are all so friendly and interested in your life. Dr. Fitch is a really good dentist and I was never scared while I was working with him. I had been wearing a retainer but that didn’t seem to be the best solution for me. Dr. Fitch gave me two implants and then he veneered the surrounding teeth. Now my smile is definitely better. I smile much more, and my Mom is impressed!audrab4after



I had very short, ground down teeth. They were very tiny, stained and yellow from tetracycline and well water, and I had mottling on my teeth. But even worse than the way my teeth looked were the symptoms I had from my bite. I had every symptom in the book: TMJ problems and migraines every single morning. I had all the other symptoms – neck pain, shoulder pain, tingling in my fingers, ringing in my ears, stuffy ears – everything. This was having a major impact on my life. I had headaches so much that I didn’t know what it was like to live without them, so I didn’t have a full appreciation for the change neuromuscular dentistry would make in my life until it was done.We did a full mouth restoration, a neuromuscular workup and orthotics. When he put on the orthotics, I noticed a difference overnight. I suddenly had more energy because I was sleeping better – it really just changed everything! Now I get compliments at work from my patients who tell me my teeth are gorgeous. They used to call me “The Happy Pharmacist.” Now they call me “The Smiling Pharmacist!” I would recommend Dr. Fitch to anybody.lindab4after


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