Soft Tissue Dental Lasers

Making San Luis Obispo Dentistry Quick and Painless

We offer one of the safest, most comfortable and versatile dental tools available – the dental laser. New laser technology is working to replace dentistry’s more unpleasant utensils with a gentle ray of light. Lasers are tremendously accurate delivering energy to target, or work areas, with no measurable effect beyond the target site. That is why more and more surgeons are using them for the most delicate procedures, on eyes, for instance and even in utero fetal surgery!

Laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The lasers we use are an optical device that produces an intense and very narrow beam of pulsed light energy to actually vaporize matter and gives us incredible control and precision.We use the laser in all aspects of dentistry: preventive care, restorative care and cosmetic enhancements, allowing us to care for your teeth and gums, quickly, effectively and painlessly.

With our soft tissue laser we can perform:

  • Crown lengthening to expose more healthy tooth structure
  • Gum sculpturing to even and shape your gums without sutures
  • Frenectomies to assist in closing gaps between front teeth, help dentures fit more comfortably or allow more freedom of movement
  • Cold sore treatment to speed healing and reduce pain
  • Periodontal treatment and comfortable removal of bacteria under the gum line and in tooth pockets

To add to the long list of benefits, dental lasers are ameliorative, eliminating or reducing patient healing time and pain. Lasers stimulate blood in the work area. This has cauterizing effect shortening healing time and making the process cleaner. It even helps regenerate bone!

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