Digital X-Rays

The Advantages of Advanced Technology

While we certainly learn a lot about your oral health through our visual examinations of your teeth and gums there are things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Technological tools are invaluable in helping us detect potential trouble. The most effective by far is the digital x-ray.

You know how painful biting down on those sharp swatches of x-ray film used to be. No more! We now place a sensor about the size and shape of a domino on the inside of your cheek. This sensor sends a signal to a computer, which is translated into a large, crisp electronic picture of your teeth, supporting bone and gums. This allows us to get a better picture of your oral health than with standard x-rays. The pictures can be enlarged and colored for clarification and stored in your files for further reference. Our digital radiograph technology makes it easier and less expensive to detect, diagnose and plan treatment long before problems become visible to the naked eye.

It also makes it easier for patients to participate in their own care decisions. Many of our patients say that they understand their oral health needs much more easily when they can see their x-rays blown up on a screen in front of them. Even more exciting is the fact that we can keep all of your x-rays electronically for easy access and comparison. Minuscule changes that may not be seen by even the most discerning naked eye can be caught earlier seen more clearly.

In addition, digital radiography significantly decreases your exposure to radiation. In fact, digital x-rays use up to 75 percent less radiation than conventional x-rays! This process is also better for the environment – it uses no photo chemicals or traditional film, eliminating potentially hazardous waste.

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