San Luis Obispo TMJ Treatment Results

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You don’t have to suffer!  Dr. Fitch has relieved or lessened the head, neck and jaw pain associated with TMJ for many patients like you by providing them with an optimum relaxed bite.  Most of our patients report a dramatic improvement in both health and well-being. In addition to relieving the symptoms described above, many patients experience a relaxation of the facial muscles giving the patient a more youthful appearance.We call this our non surgical face lift. Patients with recessed lower jaws may have a new profile, accenting a stronger jaw line and chin. Areas of the jaw that may have protruded excessively will be pulled back in alignment. In addition, all of the restorations necessary to correct the bite will be created with consideration to the aesthetic result of the smile. Not only will this procedure correct pain, it will give patients the smile they have always dreamed about.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

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