Intra-Oral Cameras

A Closer View of Your San Luis Obispo Smile

It has always been difficult to get a clear picture of your oral health. Who can really see into their own mouths properly? Even with special lights and mirrors, your dentist may only get a shadowed view of the details of your teeth. Now imagine – with the touch of a tiny, pen shaped instrument, both you and your dentist see an enlargement of every detail in your mouth without effort, pain or X-rays. The technology of Intra-oral cameras is one of the most important tools in the dental office.

Seeing your dental condition big and close up for the first time can be surprising. You may never have realized the true condition of your teeth. But this is an important aspect of your dental care. Intra-oral technology can help you and your dentist uncover problems before they become serious. This is a crucial part of conservative and preventative dental treatment. When conditions such as periodontal problems are caught in their earliest stages, less invasive corrective treatment is possible. This not only saves you money, it may save your teeth!

Intra-oral cameras are tiny digital cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth and enable your dentist to show you an enlarged image of your smile on a computer screen. The camera is located in the tip of the intra-oral wand and transmits real-time video for you and your dentist to review. The wand is covered with a disposable plastic sheath, similar to an electronic thermometer, to keep the procedure sterile and comfortable.

Not only does this allow you to see what is really happening in your mouth, it also documents what is seen, uploading it to a computer. Information can then be printed out to provide a hard copy picture for your records or for procedure verification by your insurance company.

During diagnosis, this helps with clearly defined images showing details that may be missed by standard mirror examinations. It can also be an educational tool, allowing you to see the inside of your mouth to confront problems or review procedures as they progress. It can show you whether or not you are performing the kind of personal oral care you should. With the Intra-oral camera, you can immediately see the areas you may have been missing when you brush or floss.

Ask us about intra-oral cameras and how they can make your dental visit, more comfortable, educational, and preventative.

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