Don’t Let Your Teeth Flunk College!

College life is challenging. Baggy-eyed, you gulp down a soda on your way to that 7 A.M. class and a bag of chips when you cram late at night for a midterm. On-the-run choices, stress and hit-and-miss oral care can cause your to weaken and decay. Studies show that college students have a high incidence of tooth decay caused by acid erosion. Sodas, sports and energy drinks, designer coffees laden with sugary delights, chips, candies, or any high carbohydrate or starchy food like pasta or bread provides the source for the acid that erodes and destroys teeth. Acids and sugar pull minerals from tooth enamel. Enamel-building takes place only when you were a child and your teeth were forming. Without those protective minerals, your teeth are targeted by decay-causing bacteria. Give yourself and “A” for adopting these tips:

  • Cut back on the amount of sodas and other acidic beverages you. Frequently substitute less acidic beverages, and include water in your beverage selection.
  • Eat healthy snacks when you hit those cram sessions.
  • Eat sweets along with healthy, nutritional foods.
  • After eating sweets or other acid-producing foods, chew gum that contains, a natural sugar that prevents tooth decay.
  • It takes only a short time to brush and floss-twice daily. Use that contains a remineralization ingredient and fluoride.
  • Lastly, even though you might be far from home, see a dentist regularly!

Your teeth are counting on you to help them to smile beautifully during Graduation!

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