Five Reasons to Choose Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

Five Reasons to Choose Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

The benefits of dental implants go beyond your dinner plate. That might seem like a strange insight but the ability to eat and chew your food following tooth loss is nothing to ignore.

It’s one perspective (among many) that highlights the restorative and overall health benefits of dental implants.

Something to understand as you decide about dental implant treatment

Tooth loss or untreated tooth damage can cause significant problems for your oral health. And your risks increase the longer you delay tooth replacement.

You’re probably aware that you have options for replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth. Often your decision can come down to a dental bridge or dentures.

It’s true that dentures or a dental bridge can be less expensive. Yet, there are a few downsides.

  • Dentures can slip and move causing gum and bone tissue erosion
  • A dental bridge requires healthy adjoining teeth for security

A primary reason to choose dental implants

A dental implant actually replaces the tooth root. The implant is secured into your jawbone and gum tissue. An abutment and crown is later added as a tooth replacement.

During the healing process your dental implant integrates with your bone and gum tissue. This forms a secure foundation for your new tooth on the surface of your gums.

With that in mind it’s perhaps easier to understand how dental implants are an entirely different tooth replacement than dentures or a dental bridge.

And in case you’re still wondering about why to replace your missing teeth with dental implants…here’s more to think about.

Five big benefits of tooth replacement with dental implants

1-Implants are a functional restoration

Your natural tooth function stays intact with dental implant treatment. An implant creates a strong, new tooth root in your missing tooth gap. It forms a solid foundation for restoring your ability to eat, chew, and smile…without appearing artificial. Implants do not place added stress on adjacent teeth like a bridge or a partial.

2-Implants keep your face in place

Tooth loss is a big deal for a variety of reasons. Among them is bone loss. Dental implants help prevent bone tissue from collapsing and creating a sunken facial appearance.

3-Implants look and feel natural in your mouth

Traditional tooth replacements such as dentures or a dental bridge can appear unnatural in your mouth. Dental implants support bone tissue and form a more natural looking tooth restoration that blends with your surrounding teeth.

4-Implants help to preserve your bone and gum tissue

It’s often necessary to prep and grind-down adjoining teeth for a dental bridge. Dental implants can be placed into your missing tooth gap without compromising your surrounding teeth and tissue.

5-Implants are a durable, low-maintenance tooth replacement

Dentures and tooth-supported dental bridges often require ongoing adjustments, maintenance, and cleaning. Dental implants are maintained as you would your natural teeth. Implants are designed to last with proper oral hygiene.

No doubt, missing teeth can complicate your health and your lifestyle. Dental implants solve the problems associated with tooth loss. And they’re the perfect tooth restoration for enjoying your favorite foods.

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