Gum Disease may be Treatable with Bioceramic Material

I know this sounds boring but it is actually very interesting!!! Gum disease is a major cause of bone and tooth loss, and can also raise the risk of heart attack or stroke. Recent research has revealed that silicon nitride – a ceramic material used in spinal implants could lead to effective new types of gum disease treatment. How? After just 6 days of exposure – the chemical reactions of the ceramic materials with the bacterial cells found in gum disease (P.gingivalis cells) degraded the nucleic acids in the bacterial cells and reduced their ability to produce essential proteins and fats. Current treatment options include deep cleaning – such as scaling and root planning to remove the built-up plaque that harbors the bacteria, surgery and antibiotics. Researchers conclude that while further studies are needed, their finding show silicon nitride offers a new and promising way to treat gum disease. Link to full article:

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