Oral Bacteria Linked to Risk of Stroke

Brain researchers demonstrate the importance of oral health in stroke. In a study of patients who have gone to the hospital for an intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), it has been discovered that 26 percent were found to have specific oral bacterium in their saliva, cnm-positive Streptococcus mutans. The researchers also evaluated MRI’s of study subjects for the presence of cerebral microbleeds (small brain hemorrhages which may cause dementia and often underlie ICH) and found that the number of cerebral microbleeds was significantly higher in subjects with this bacteria. The authors hypothesize that the bacteria may bind to blood vessels weakened by age and high blood pressure, causing arterial ruptures in the brain, leading to small or large hemorrhages. Co-author Friedland, M.D. sates that “this study shows that oral health is important for brain health”. For the full article, visit


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